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How to fix BeTools expired key error - Leakite - 07-05-2020

If you tried flashing with BeTools and there's a popup showing some errors, like in the screenshot below (click to view full screenshot)


Note: it may not exactly be the same date as in the screenshot.

Follow the steps below to fix:

Video tutorial

Text version
  1. Once such error is shown on your screen, close BeTools completely
  2. Adjust your PC date. (scroll down-right of your PC screen; right-click on date/time and select "Adjust date/time"
  3. Turn off 'set time automatically'
  4. Then manually change date to "June 5, 2017". That is, 06/05/2017
  5. Save and exit
  6. Run BeTools again
  7. Select and load the same key you previously tried
  8. Now the key should work just fine and let you flash/fix whatever it is you wanted to fix.
To download BeTools, follow this link - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

If you need any further assistance on this, post your comment below.

RE: How to fix BeTools expired key error - EdwardBrittgmtB - 10-13-2021

Thank you very much for the information. The video turned out to be useful.