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covid 19 - traitunlawful - 07-23-2020

Hey , are you all feeling boring because of covid 19. As same here. I'm also feeling sad staying at home . Dodgy

RE: covid 19 - Atop - 08-08-2020

Stay home, stay safe and wash your hands.

RE: covid 19 - alvina4 - 04-28-2021

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RE: covid 19 - itsmonika - 09-06-2021

Yes, I really suffered from self-isolation, but now thankfully I have been vaccinated and now I have started to go outside.

RE: covid 19 - islarose674 - 10-28-2021

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RE: covid 19 - jonnydavid69 - 10-29-2021

As you all know that Dubai Expo was shut down due to the most difficult situation of coronavirus in which people can't visit it as all flights were closed due to covid-19. But now as everything has been open again as people are asking about what are the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. because before last year people were confused about what to see and what not to see in it as they are asking all the bloggers about it please post something relevant about Dubai Expo 2020 which is reopened and starting from October 2021 to March 2022. It has some new future technology which has been just a concept of coming years but it will be on expertise then come to the digital era.

RE: covid 19 - jortegaa3289 - 11-01-2021

Finaly that covid time and lockdown is almost gone. Life was really hell that time.