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Big Brother Naija season 5 (Lockdown edition) 2020
Thumbs Up 

Big Brother Naija season 5 "Lockdown" started yesterday, with 20 housemates. All the housemate are so beautiful (oh yeah, the guys too Tongue )  and amazing... The house is hot already...

Who do you think is the most beautiful lady in the house?
Me: Nengi Smile  


What about you?   Dodgy

Hi guys, in case you're looking for your favorite housemate take a look at these pictures

Hehe ?... This year BBNaija housemates be looking so hot.
Fully locked down ?

Well, not really into the show...but I'll be on the lookout if I'll fancy anyone of them ladies ???

Congratulations to Nengi !! Winner of the head of house challenge. I'm very impressed Rolleyes   Heart  First HOH of bbnaija 2020 Heart

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