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Points system

To access certain content on the forum, you need to spend some of your "Points". The 'Points' is the currency used on this platform to unlock these locked or restricted content.

How are points accumulated?

You get points from creating new threads and posting replies in existing threads.

How do I get these Points?

Exclamation Registration: 2 Points 
Exclamation New thread = 7 Points
Exclamation New reply = 3 Points
Exclamation New Poll = 5 Points
Exclamation Other user reply to your thread = 2 Points
Exclamation Voting in a Poll = 2 Points
Exclamation Per PM sent = 1 Point
Exclamation Refer new user = 5 Points
Exclamation Per visit = 0.1 Points (every 15 mins)

What can I use Points for?

For unlocking download links, file passwords and viewing other content restricted by Points.

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